The Importance of Using Genuine HID Consumables

Genuine HID Consumables

Today's high-performance ID card printers enable organizations to print high-quality credentials quickly and in large quantities, making them an important investment. A worthwhile endeavor is carefully evaluating and selecting the right solution to create and issue the cards and IDs that will keep your assets safe and secure. 


Consider the last time you invested in a best-in-class, HID® card printer — you undoubtedly spent time and effort ensuring that the features and functions met your organization's required security levels, volume requirements, quality expectations, and aesthetic sensibilities. Doesn't it make just as much business sense to ensure that your investment is protected for years to come after such a thorough evaluation and well-thought-out purchase decision?


Using only genuine HID-manufactured consumables for the operation and ongoing maintenance of your ID card printer is one of the best ways to protect such a worthy investment.


What Are “Consumables”?

Consumables are the supplies "consumed" during the regular operation and/or maintenance of your ID card printer: 

  • Print ribbons, film, overlaminates, and cards are examples of printing consumables
  • Whereas cleaning rollers, swabs, pads, and cleaning cards are examples of consumables used for printer care and maintenance. 

The Importance of Using Genuine HID Consumables

  • It is impossible to emphasize enough the importance of using genuine HID consumables with your HID card printer: 
  • Using genuine HID consumables for printing and laminating your cards and IDs enhances the overall printer performance and protects your investment's warranty. Genuine HID consumables use RFID technology to communicate critical information to the printer operator, such as confirmation that the correct ribbon or film is installed. This same technology allows the printer driver to automatically configure print settings based on the materials loaded into the printer, reducing registration issues and ensuring your cards and IDs print correctly.
  • Genuine HID consumables transmit material status — warning operators when supplies are running low and in need of replenishment. This enables operators to plan ahead and maintain high productivity while avoiding unexpected periods of downtime.
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