One of the leading IT solutions companies in the Middle East, North Africa and the Gulf, we provide IT solutions ranging from infrastructure and data management, data capturing, web portals, sharepoint development, software apps and engineering and management information systems - all resulting in reduced costs and more effective and profitable business for you.


Our team delivers pixel-perfect designs on time and on budget, making the web content of any business, big, small, local or global, into a well-structured re-usable and people friendly system with a sound infrastructure. We combine applications, document repositories and data stores into one information structure (with a customized security system to block threats and protect sensitive data) - thus ensuring effective collaboration of employees, customers and partners - and super-efficient daily operation.

Lexmark is commonly known as "Saperion” - a Superior Content Management system optimizes and accelerates any business. Companies can simplify their enterprise data by digitizing paper-based processes - improving security, process routing and data storage, thus saving money. Compatible with all main technologies (SAP, Microsoft Office, Microsoft SharePoint, Exchange, Lotus Notes/Domino, Autonomy, ABBYY Fine Reader, CAD) - it's used by major clients worldwide, including Vodafone , Lufthansa , Deutsche Bank , Fleurop, DaimlerChrysler and others.

Language Solutions

Our development team works closely with the other production teams on optimizing the overall processes. They develop creative purpose-built solutions to help meeting our clients' requirements, boosting the efficiency and increasing the overall productivity.

Our internally developed solutions include reliable QA and productivity measurement tools. We also have a dedicated team for the ongoing machine translation developments; including Saudisoft own engines for several domains and language pairs as well as the integration between Saudisoft MT solutions and other CAT tools.