Why would you need E-Learning localization?


ELearning has become one of the primary education methods for allowing people to learn wherever they are and at their own pace. Wherever there is education, there is a need for translation and localization services to spread its benefits. Companies, NGOs and government organizations are heading for eLearning localization after witnessing how people learn better and faster in their native language using culturally relevant materials.
Smart utilization of eLearning content translation and localization services can result in many benefits for global business and educational sectors alike:

For the Business sector:

Global Recruitment

Businesses with a globalized approach either attract international talents to work in their headquarters or benefit from such talents by outsourcing overseas. In both cases, the availability of well-translated eLearning materials has become crucial to ensure that all employees get the necessary training to receive optimal performance.

Improved Employee Retention and Satisfaction

Personal growth is becoming the main objective of many employees; an individual who learns from their work environment is likely to stay. Therefore, HR departments are paying more attention to corporate training and eLearning. Localization of eLearning content is a plus as it shows employees from all over the globe that the corporate values their culture regardless of their background.

Team Culture

Multinational corporates and government bodies have rules, procedures, and guidelines that need to be accurately conveyed to all employees. Hiring multinational trainers and facilitators to give training courses comes with the risk of relaying an inconsistent message due to different teaching methods. However, using the help of professional eLearning translation providers to translate and localize training content ensures uniform training for people of all nationalities.


E-Learning localization represents an organization’s commitment to facilitate an atmosphere to achieve the objectives of training. Customizing eLearning content to reach a broad audience shows respect to diversity. Moreover, satisfied employees can give a good word of mouth to improve branding and increase ROI. The attention localization pays to cultural differences positively resonates on a corporate image among clients and partners.

Cost Efficiency

Localized eLearning courses and training material are cost efficient in several aspects. First of all, localizing available content is more economical than sending different team members to traditional training. Localizing such courses further saves the cost of having to hire trainers at different places worldwide. Also, courses can be repeated more than once.


For the Educational sector:

Benefits for students 

The new technology changed the way of learning. Nowadays, more students are looking for eLearning courses to learn new skills and topics. Thus, universities should put this concept of learning into consideration to keep up with this trend. The eLearning is the best way to accomplish everybody needs, as learners can communicate with their peers and instructors. Also, they can learn the topic they need whenever they want without the need for attendance to an institution.
Given the variety of students' background and languages, localization is needed to solve this problem. Localizing the materials provided into diverse languages and cultures will attract more learners to the universities, also it will satisfy the students and it will be a plus to continue their learning way in this approach. 
Moreover, universities need integrated solutions to their Learning Management System (LMS), not only localization, to make the process easier to the learners for registration, accessing the materials, scoring, generating the certification, etc.   

Choosing the right E-Learning Platform

Moocs (Massive open online courses) means that anyone can enroll in the courses s/he needs to learn a new topic or develop her/his skills. Thus, platforms that provide this kind of MOOCs have become the destination for learners from around the world to access their content.
If you are seeking to enroll a certain course, make sure to choose the right platform which supports/localized to your language.
To summarize, if you want to provide a training experience that is both relatable and specific without spending a fortune, eLearning localization is the way to go. Moreover, multicultural eCourses provides global reach and improves your organization’s reputation.