As The main differentiator between Translation and Localization, Localization Engineering is a critical phase in most localization projects, required at various stages. The final product might be a localized eLearning course, a software application, website, online help component or multimedia content such as a Flash, audio or video file.

For more than 30 years, we have been building and compiling localized content into multiple languages, helping our clients publish their content globally.


Content engineering means getting content and technology to work together. After content is created and localized, technology is applied resulting in the successful delivery of the right content to your customers in the best format possible in good time. 


One of the key processes in our Machine Translation initiative is data engineering, where data is processed into clean quality data ready for engine training. Our engineering services team has a successful track record of preparing MT data for various domains and language pairs.  


In our efforts to provide our clients with quality output, our localization engineers work closely with our development team to continuously develop and improve Saudisoft proprietary QA tools, which combine all QA checks, including language specific checks, such as those for BiDi and other languages.


Our localization engineering team is always up-to-date with the latest technology, tools, and trends in the localization market. In addition to being equipped with the latest technology for a range of services including software localization, they work towards developing their own ideas and creative automation solutions to meet localization challenges. The result is the best localization engineering service.

Testing tools reflecting the QA checks run by the engineering team