• 1983
    ​Saudisoft was founded by a group of experienced, dynamic investors headed by Sami Saadi who started the business as an IT provider for Arabic solutions. Saudisoft published its first proprietary project by creating the Arabic tool "Mussad el Arabi" for MS-DOS.
  • 1985
    Started to grow and expand to include new Business Line Distribution, started with Arabizing "Peachtree" the number one accounting system and to Arabize "CITIZEN Printer", then Saudisoft was awarded the partnership to distribute CITIZEN across the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
  • 1992
    Expansion in other countries and opening a branch in Egypt.
  • 1993
    The company embarked upon an Ambitious Diversification Strategy through investments in major businesses such as Building and maintaining governments and corporations IT infrastructure, Complete Translation & Localization services to BiDi languages including testing, engineering, DTP services ,project management,and Tailored IT Solutions.
  • 1994
    Achieved Best Sales Worldwide for the Distribution of OTC Line Printers.
  • 1995
    Saudisoft became strategic Localization partner to a number of international players in the IT industry such as Microsoft.
  • 1997
    Signed partnership with Epson to become one of its strategic Distributors reinforcing its position by establishing 5 supporting centers across the kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
  • 2000
    Signed partnership with Saperion to provide the market with a "Ready to run" integrated software package for archiving and workflow.
  • 2003
    Partnership for Localization with HP. Signed partnership with Dell, Fargo, Fujitsu, Kofax and Seiko
  • 2008
    Expansion in the Localization Business Line: supporting more than 30 languages.
  • 2010
    Signed partnership with Ecspand for pre-configured ECM solutions on SharePoint.
  • 2011
    Sustainable growth in the Localization Business Line by successfully mastering and providing more than 100 Languages.
  • 2012
    Signed a joint Venture agreement with Egyptian Micro Solutions Company.
  • 2013
    Saudisoft for translation and localization services is proud to announce that we are now ISO 9001:2013 certified
  • 2019
    This is a major accomplishment in the translation and localization field and we are happy to be recognized for the quality of our processes, resources, and other aspects required for the delivery of a high-quality translation service that meets applicable specifications