Saudisoft 2020 Review

Despite the circumstances we have all faced in 2020, we managed to put our work under control and deliver high-quality output with the help of our resources and, of course, our clients' cooperation. In the following lines, we will take you through our achievements of 2020 that could be inspiring to some of you.

Different Industries:

We worked on high-volume projects in many industries including Games, Books and Publishing, Software and IT, eLearning, and more.
Variety of Languages: some new and rare languages are added to our portfolio, in addition to a large number of different language pairs, witnessing a higher jump in our African & European languages.

Games New Projects:

We can proudly say that this year was our year of game localization. We helped translate about 1 million words into multiple languages. . We worked on different game genres such as Shooter games, Survival horror games, battle royal games, art games, and more. We also helped our clients with branding & graphics/video localization. We also welcomed a new console to our gaming room: The Nintendo Switch!  Given the travel restrictions, we were pleased to attend different online gaming events, learn about new trends, and meet new people in the gaming industry.

Quality Tool First Release:

The release we were all looking forward to! The Quality Studio (TQS), our internally developed cloud-based quality tool, became available for everyone for free. It helps you find common quality issues & mainly bidirectional errors. You can access it here:

Group of Books:

Working on books is fun, with a variety of topics like fairytales, literature, education, business, etc.

ISO 17100:2015 Renewed:

For the second year, we managed to get our ISO 17100:2015 certification successfully renewed with no conformity issues.

Covering different time zones:

Responding to our customer needs, we changed our working plan to cover different time zones, which revealed more happy customers in our yearly customer satisfaction survey.

Teams expanding:

New energetic people have joined our teams with different experiences and points of view, leading Saudisoft to success and growth.

Thanks to everyone who was part of our success. We’re looking forward to achieving more success with the cooperation of our clients.