Saudisoft Egypt 2019 Year in Review

There are a few more days left for the New Year and its celebrations, but before we say goodbye to 2019, we want to share Saudisoft Egypt’s accomplishments this year.
In a nutshell:

Awarded the ISO 17100: 2015. This is a major accomplishment in the translation and localization field and we are happy to be recognized for the quality of our processes, resources, and other aspects required for the delivery of a high-quality translation service that meets applicable specifications. 

New clients. We had the pleasure of working with big names and provided them with our expertise in different industries covering: game localization, website localization, software localization, e-learning localization, book translation, and E-book generation. Of course, we wouldn’t be who we are today without our existing clients!
- New family members. Saudisoft family has welcomed newcomers joining its team this year. Saudisoft has grown with more experiences, helping it move faster towards growth.

Offering new services to our clients.  Besides our traditional localization & translation services, we launched our new E-book generation & Machine translation services, i.e.  Engine building, MPTE, etc. We understand that technology is changing consumer behaviors and we help our clients adapt well to these changes.

Industry Payback. In 2019, Saudisoft co-founded The Egyptian Association for Globalization and Language Solutions (EAGLS). EAGLS is a non-profit trade association which consists of a number of Egyptian companies to act as an umbrella for all the localization industry’s stakeholders where they can meet, discuss and enhance the localization business in MENA region. It’s open for all the companies and individuals working in the language services sector.

AUC’s 1st Localization Conference. Saudisoft sponsored and contributed to AUC’s 1st Conference on Localization, Translation and Interpreting which was held on Monday, April 15, 2019. Our general manager, translation head and localization head were all keynote speakers at this conference.

2019 was a fruitful year for Saudisoft with its accomplishments thanks to every member of the team and to our clients which have helped lead us to success and achievement. The outputs we provided were results of the collaboration of Saudisoft team, vendors, and most of all our clients who are a huge part of our success.
We wish you all a Happy New Year full of accomplishments and success.
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