Software Localization
Software Localization

Get the absolute best translation and localization services from the market leader in Egypt, the Middle East and Africa. Join three of the top 10 global software companies worldwide who rely on our 30 years’ experience in the field. We started out as an Arabic translation and localization company in the 80s and now offer our customers 50 different translation and localization services in Egypt and worldwide. Read More...

Website Localization

Localization, a sophisticated process with culture at its core that goes beyond just translation of website content. Localization means understanding the target market of our clients, trans-creating or adapting the content using tailored images and multimedia best suited to our clients’ target markets. We offer multilingual services to support different markets. Whatever your needs are, we will cover them.Read More... 

Multimedia Localization

Watch your target audience sit up and listen as you expand across the globe with the highest-quality  professional voice over, video translation, transcription, voice recording, dubbing and subtitling. Whether it is Arabic translation services you need or any other language, your products will shine in any market with our expert multimedia localization services. Read More...

E-learning Localization

Let your eLearning materials work for you. With our expertise, we will expertly localize your web-based training, learning management systems (LMS), and convert your eLearning programs into relevant and slick, cost-effective, multilingual training solutions.In an area where linguistic and cultural precision are non-negotiable, we've done our homework.Read More...

Games Localization
Games Localization

Reach a bigger audience of gamers in their own native language and culture! Games are now in everybody's hands and the number of players is increasing around the globe and around the clock. If you are in the games industry, games localization is crucial for you to reach more gamers and we can help! Read More...


As a SAP partner we offer our clients proven expertise. We have provided SAP translation services since 2008 with successful participation in a wide range of systems, in almost all industries that SAP serves, including CRM, ERP, Financials, Global Trade Services, Insurance, Mobile Apps, and more. Read More...


Since Saudisoft was founded, our team of technical experts and language professionals have partnered with industry leaders to equip them with a salient, consistent voice, with just the right tone of voice and turn of phrase, in right-to-left and left-to-right languages, all around, and well outside of, the Arab world. Read More...


We provide our customers with customized desktop publishing services formatting multilingual layout of materials for your local markets. We take English text and translate it into Arabic or Chinese for instance, for which entire layouts and images need to be adjusted  to fit the new translated content. You can rely on our professional and expert desktop publishing services for your DTP needs. We offer DTP services online and in hard copy and we follow up with quality assurance checks. Read More...

Language Quality, Engineering and Testing

As our client you will get the quality product you expect. With the help of our Technology Solution Team, we create our own tools to ensure we deliver on our clients’ expectations. Moreover, our qualified Localization Engineering Service and Testing Teams control technical quality aspects from the localization side and the functional side.


We provide fast turnaround on any project, however big or small! Whether you have a large multilingual translation project with a global reach or a smaller project for an outfit just starting out, we can help. We've translated millions of pages of content into over 30 languages and crafted wording for a huge range of content for software, multimedia, eLearning materials, printed documents, packaging and website translation through to desktop publishing, artwork, graphics and screen grabs.


Industry specific expertise and resources are important to deliver the same message to different markets and languages. Native subject matter experts, translators and linguists are essential to the localization process. Wondering if we can support your industry?  Visit our Clients and Industries page here.