eLearning Localization Services

Do you have Computer Based Training (CBT) materials, eLearning or Education Content and wish to reach your international audience/learners? If so, you will need a reliable  eLearning Translation partner to achieve your goal.

Specialized Content …. We can help!

Whether Sales/Technical or Educational content, we have helped many international clients translate and localize their CBT/eLearning materials into different languages with our eLearning translation and localization services. We have served sectors in this area including Automotive, Oil and Gas, Government, Education, Finance, Healthcare and IT.

Backed by a group of skilled Subject Matter Experts (SMEs), we help customize our clients' content to fit their target audience needs.

Thinking How?

eLearning localization requires a collective set of experiences. We have the know-how required to evaluate the different activities involved and localize the content. From storyboard, Instruction design, SME, Engineering, Translation, Engineering and even (Multimedia Localization).

Thanks to our internal Quality Assurance process (QA), we have been successfully delivering projects to different languages with scopes varying from translation and trans-creation and cultural adaptation to technical conversion; e.g., SCORM compliance assessment and building.

Technology and tools:

We work with a range of different technologies and tools. To list just a few, we have localized elearning projects that required experience with edX Studio, SCORM, HTML 5, Flash and Action Script.
A child studying his educational material