Games localization: the missing puzzle piece!

The missing puzzle piece of Game localization
"The missing puzzle piece of Game localization"

One-third of 7 billion humans on earth play games on their smartphones. Half of the game revenue will come from mobiles, which possess 80%, while tablets possess the remaining 20%. Due to the spreading of app stores like Apple's app store and Google Play store, downloads number has rapidly multiplied.

Video Game... Statistics 

According to Forbes, Apple's Play store celebrated 10 years of the anniversary with reaching to more than 200 million applications and more than 500 million users per week. As result, the market share of video games has increased, consequently, increased profit.
Supercell, a game development company, has earned $ 4 billion from its game "Clash of Clans". Also, Pokémon Quest has earned $3 billion...
The USA has 62% of the mobile game players, and they are not teenagers only, but almost a quarter of them are 50 years old, or even older. The increase is due to games diversity on the app stores, and also the diversity of game genres that have spread widely.

PUBG & Fortnite...The trend

PUBG and Fortnite have become the entry door for non-gamers to the game world. These two battle Royale games attracted too many people to their platforms by the imagination, mechanism, and overall style that is based on putting a player face to face with many other players in an open field to crush your enemies and survive.
Thus, they are the most widespread games with the entry of 2019; Fortnite reached 200 million registered users in 2018, while PUBG, in few months, reached 50 million registered users in July 2018, and recently it became as many players as Fortnite.
Due to the excitement, imagination, and overall interactive style of these two games, players are now heading to them, also, the high quality of the graphics, sounds and visual effects.

Dig deep... Actual numbers

Despite the high profit of video games, the mission of reaching globally is a hard one. Thus, game developers are trying to evolve their games to satisfy the gamer in term of the graphics, realism, and excitement to attract new players and sustain their current players.
For example, PUBG and Fortnite have reached to a big segment of players, making them on the top of mobile games in 2019. However, these registered numbers of players are not the actual indication for reaching the maximum level of spreading globally. The number of registered players is a lot less than mobile games users around the world, and there are many smartphone users hasn't even downloaded the game yet.
Moreover, the registered players are not concurrent players per day or month.  Fortnite concurrent players are only 78.3 million players which mean less than 50% of the registered users, in spite of the continual improvements offered by the developers to the content.

Missing puzzle piece

Spreading globally to the max does not require only constant improvement to graphics, mechanism and overall style. But also you need to send a message to the player that you care about him/her, and made this game specifically for him/her through paying attention to all other sides of the game; mother tongue and cultural perspective, etc.
For going global, you need to take care of the local, Which is a luxury will be afforded only through localization.
Most gamers love to play games in their native language. They prefer to see the game from their cultural perspective. Not to mention those who speak the English language with low or very low efficiency. Those gamers who have some troubles with English will register to your game only because it is a trend, but they will never be active players.
According to the English proficiency index, many countries with various cultures speak the English language with low efficiency. Those countries need a localized version of your game. The localized version will increase the sustainability of your registered players and will attract new ones to play your game and be concurrent players.
Speaking of Localization, you do not do just a translation for your game's terms only, but paying attention to the new market's dialects, culture, habits to meet their expectations. The gamers in a given region need to find their cultural and language have the respect in your game. To do so, you need a professional language services provider.

Complete the masterpiece 

For game developers, localization is the right choice to open new markets and attract new players. Also, video game localization will expand the number of mobile game players which the USA market is possessed 62% of them, which would result in relocating the competition out of this crowded market.
In addition, game localization will lead to increasing the sustainability and engagement of the players within the game, by which the problem of "high registration, low engagement" will be resolved.
Also, the number of downloads will be increased. According to "The Impact of App Translation" study, the app localization will increase the download numbers by 128% per country, which leads to a higher rank in the app stores, resulting in the desired increase in sales, taking your game to the last level.