Saudisoft is an official SAP Language Services partner

In its continuous endeavors to expand and develop the scope of its business in the Arabic localization industry, Saudisoft has managed to pass SAP audit and become an official language services partner in 2010.

Saudisoft provides SAP with a full spectrum of language services that meet the needs of SAP customers in the Middle East – Africa (MEA) region. This full spectrum of language services is made up of:
-          Training on SAP software Tools (SE63, LXE_MASTER, SLLS, SLXT, SMLT, STERM)
-          Translation
-          Language Acceptance Testing
-          Desktop Publishing (DTP)

Saudisoft boasts a professional team with a long experience in handling these SAP-related services, including trainers, project managers, translation team, localization engineers, testers, and DTP specialists.

​As an Arabic translation and localization services provider, Saudisoft provides SAP with a range of translation and localization services, ranging from translation of SAP software system user interface and translation of system-related content, such as end user documentation, online help and business blueprints, to translation of SAP specific terminology (on SAP terminology database or datenbank in Germany, database management system, and STM system).

Saudisoft offers the same line of language services not only to SAP but also to its customers, development partners and consulting companies with a demand for translation of any SAP-related content/System. We guarantee still the same level of quality, efficiency and cost effectiveness to all our customers alike.


Anja Heym Project Manager, SAP

Saudisoft has been a highly-reliable Language Services Partner for us, because they serve the best quality ever. As a project manager, I can say that our projects were delivered on time and with high quality, also the communication always goes smoothly. I will certainly recommend Saudisoft for their prompt and professional services. 

If you are searching for SAP translation services for translating content to read the system in your own language to make things easy for your organization, then you should contact us. 
database management system localization services could help you improve production, increase your work efficiency, reduce cost, increase sales, or if your mother language is not in English. Also, Saudisoft benefits you in solving ERP problems.

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