Multimedia Localization

With the wide use of the internet and digitalization, there are more than 4.3 billion internet users around the world. These users have access to videos and social media posts from all over the world that they might not necessarily have available in their language. Aside from online videos, multimedia content available in eLearning, video games, TV series & movies, is being transformed and localized. Audio and video are being integrated and can be available in multiple languages to reach more users. 


If your content is not scripted, Saudisoft can help convert it into text. After finalizing the transcript of your video, we help translate the content into any language you need.

Translation & Localization

We ensure the transcribed script is translated correctly and goes through our typical quality assurance process to ensure that the language is functionally and linguistically correct. We review the script for cultural adaptation, including the adjustment of units of measurements, numbering formatting, and different calendar options. We time code your translated script and ensure that length and reading speed of the typical reader of that language is taken into account. Saudisoft is able to translate your content and provide subtitling from and into 30 different languages. 

Captions & Subtitle Editor

Saudisoft is able to help you whether you decide to have closed/open captions or subtitles. Captions are mainly provided as a transcription of dialogue and allow deaf or hard of hearing viewers to follow the sequence of events. Subtitles, on the other hand, are a translation of the dialogue and make videos accessible to foreign language audiences. This way you can ensure that your video will reach viewers from all over the world, whether hard of hearing viewers or viewers who don’t necessarily speak the same language.

Voice over:

Saudisoft has a wide pool of professional voice artists that are skilled and work in a multitude of different languages. Depending on your requests, we are able to select the right talent for your multimedia project and using the latest forms of recording and editing equipment. Whether you require a quiet environment or high quality studio recording, we are able to meet your recording expectations through our studio partnerships.


Where audio and video are the main factors in multimedia, it is necessary to assure their harmony together in the end-project. Our experienced engineers work on syncing audio to video and ensure time coding & layouts. 

Satisfying Needs

Multimedia localization could achieve essentials needs for your business, it will help you expand your market globally. also if you are targeting new markets you will need multimedia localization for your assets, because English is not always the number one language in the world. also to satisfy your consumer demands you should do it with his/her own language, this extra service will cut risk of losing the client or the consumer and increasing your sales. 

How do I choose my multimedia company?

Your multimedia localization project needs to be handled with care. You must search for a multimedia localization company that focuses on quality and has the right experience. When looking for a localization company, you want a very communicative and responsive company in order to be capable to manage all the details of the project. A high quality multimedia localization project manager takes care of resources, translation, implementation, audio and video integrations, and all while giving the client the best quality.

Why Saudisoft is the best choice for multimedia localization?

1- With over 30 years of experience and ISO certified, Saudisoft is a trusted global organization that has been in the Middle Eastern market since 1983.We help our international/local clients by providing translation & localization services.

2- We specialize in Arabic, Middle Eastern such as Farsi, Urdu, Turkish and African languages and support many more. We translate millions of words into over 30 languages.

3- Recording is a core aspect of our services, we work with a wide pool of professional talents and artistic directors.

4- Whether you require our services for videos, movies, television, games or  e-Learning materials, our linguistic work and studio partnerships ensure our clients reach the highest quality standard while
setting out for audio/video text adaptation, time coding, script translation, and professional voice talent recording.

5- If your content is not scripted, Saudisoft can help convert it into text. Our experts transcribe the audio and accurately time-code it. We ensure the transcribed script is translated correctly and culturally adapted to the specified target market in order to be used for subtitling or voice over.

6- We understand the complexity of Right to left languages and ensure that all features such as reading orders, neutral characters, and alignments are correctly assigned. Whether delivering SRT files or embedding translation into your video, Saudisoft has the correct solution.

7- We believe that the quality of our customers’ final product depends on ensuring the highest standards in each phase of the localization process. All our work processes are according to the ISO 9001 international standards. We go the extra mile for our clients by using our internally developed tool, Saudisoft Quality Studio tool, which is our measurement system against quality checks.

Whether your choice is to use subtitle editor or overlay the original audio track with the translated language, Saudisoft translators & engineers can help you manage your multimedia projects and can pass on your message to users worldwide.

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