Saudisoft is an official SAP Language Services partner

In its continuous endeavors to expand and develop the scope of its business in the Arabic localization industry, Saudisoft has managed to acquire a language services partnership with one of the leading corporations across the globe in developing enterprise and customer relations software; which is SAP SE, the multinational software company based in Germany.
Saudisoft provides SAP with a full spectrum of language services that meet the needs of SAP customers in the Middle East – Africa (MEA) region. This full spectrum of language services is made up of:
-          Training
-          Translation
-          Testing
-          Desktop Publishing (DTP)
-          Development

Saudisoft boasts a professional team with a long experience in handling these SAP-related services, including trainers, project managers, translation coordinators, localization engineers, developers, top SAP certified translators, testers, and DTP specialists.

Each part of this high-profile team performs its assigned tasks efficiently to finally deliver a premium-quality product, which fulfils the requirements of SAP and its customers. Trainers (SAP super users and power users) can train beginners on how to deal with SAP environment and use a wide range of SAP tools with many transactions, and follow up on their progress in this regard. Project managers and translation coordinators have the capability to manage SAP projects in an interactive way that leads to the delivery of an error-free product in the deadline agreed upon. Top SAP translators are able to handle the translation tasks effectively, taking SAP quality criteria in that area into full account. If any support is needed in Localization engineering and development areas, Saudisoft has qualified localization engineers and developers to provide support. Testers are equipped with all the essential tools to test SAP software, QA different documentations and provide a productive feedback. DTP specialists are skillful in delivering a final content ready to be published.

As an Arabic translation and localization services provider, Saudisoft provides SAP with a range of translation and localization services, ranging from translation of SAP system user interface and translation of system-related content, such as end user documentation, online help and business blueprints, to translation of SAP-specific terminology (on SAP terminology database, STM system).

Saudisoft offers language services that target SAP customers, development partners and consulting companies with a demand for translation of any SAP-related content. Saudisoft has rapidly got specialized in offering these services, as it has all the resources necessary for handling any volume of SAP translation projects and any kind of content. It also has a state-of-the-art technical infrastructure, advanced language skills, extensive experience with software localization, deep knowledge of software localization tools in general, and SAP tools in particular, and self-developed tools that ensure premium quality and timely delivery with effective prices.

With SAP, Saudisoft has always a room to go on its journey of creativity and innovation, and with Saudisoft, SAP has always a room to get a high-quality product that meets its quality criteria and meets the requirements of its customers. That is why both SAP and Saudisoft represent a real image of a successful partnership.

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Saudisoft has been a highly-reliable Language Services Partner for us. As a project manager, I can say that our projects were delivered on time and with high quality, also the communication always goes smoothly. I will certainly recommend Saudisoft for their prompt and professional services. 

Anja Heym

Project Manager, SAP