Saudisoft Launches a New Bidi Quality Check Tool

Saudisoft developed a tool that guarantees the quality of our projects with bidirectional languages. It was used for internal usage and it really helped our in-house linguists and project managers smoothen and speed up the QA process.

After the tool showed great success internally, we decided it should be shared with other users in the language industry. During the pandemic, our teams worked very hard to make this tool available for everyone. Special thanks to our dev team, QA team, and everyone involved in this project.
Finally, The Quality Studio has been launched and you can try it now for free.

The Quality Studio's Benefits

  1. Detects bidirectional errors.
  2. Your data is under your control.
  3. Supports different file types.
  4. User-friendly
  5. And is FREE!

What makes TQS different? (Unique Features)

  1. Checking for Bidi issues.
  2. Quick glossary check with one word.
  3. Segments filtration by user and export filtered result.
  4. Clear history of your last results.
  5. Sorting results by category.
  6. False-positive view.
  7. Cloud-based tool, accessible anytime, anywhere.
  8. Find hot Keys.
  9. Result visualization diagram.
  10. Exporting QA-ed files to excel.

Who can use TQS?

Being part of the language industry, you'll need to check translation quality in each process. The following are users that will benefit from using the tool:
- Language leads.
- Translation section heads.
- Localization Project Managers.
- Project Managers.
- Project Coordinators.
- Quality Assurance Team.
- Quality Control Team.

What's Next?

We're working on developing TQS to include more features, which include:
- Reduce the number of false errors by using regular expressions.
- Creating a QA profile.
- Creating a language profile.
- Choosing Measurement system.
- Incorrect type.
- Checkout conversions.
- Temperature and angular degree signs.
- Editing in Bilingual file in tool.

The Quality Studio is designed in a simple and user-friendly interface so you can easily use it to detect language issues in your monolingual or bilingual files.
Try TQS now for free and wait for our updates!