Website Translation

Want to grow global sales and increase reach? Upon entering a new market, one should consider localizing your website.

What is Website Translation & localization?

What is meant by website localization or website translation,  is the process of modifying an existing website to make it accessible, usable, and culturally suitable to a target audience. Although English is among the top four languages used on the internet today, not all users prefer surfing websites in English. Visitors are more likely to stay twice as long on your website if the website is in their own language. As companies look to expand into new markets, reach a global audience, and increase international sales, the benefits to translate a website are clear. We don’t translate the web content only but we properly localize it to the relevant market. We offer comprehensive multilingual solutions in over 30 languages.

How to translate a website?

1. Localization Engineering

Before your translation process, the proper character encoding is essential and important in localization projects. Localization engineers and experts in the localization of the process of tra understand the need for a plan from the beginning that considers different text flows such as the right to left layout. Even leaving space for languages is a must since different languages require different amounts of space.

2. Translation:

Once you have decided which market you are targeting, it is important to work with native translators which are subject matter experts who understand your target market. It is essential to understand local standards and learn about their cultural values. Aside from translating your content and adapting it correctly, the website should consider market specific issues such as holidays, date formats, units of measurement, and currencies. It should also consider images that fit local culture and colors that are highly accepted in that culture. The localization of multimedia should be applied, ie using voiceovers and/or subtitling on videos that are available on your website, this will help reach your global customers faster. Also, translating case studies, infographics and white papers on your website will assist you to reach more individuals in your international targeted areas. That's how to translate a website is done 

3. SEO

One point you should consider is search engine optimization. If you want to get organic traffic for your newly localized website then you need to optimize your website for local search engines. Our local SEO experts can help your website include keywords and content that your audience searches for. The use of SEO measures with the website translation will attract more customers to your company by appearing in search engines such as Google.

4. Quality

Quality assurance and localization testing is an essential step before launching the website. Saudisoft’s testing engineers test the functionality of the website and check for consistency among the source and target including improper text input, regional settings, and layout defects.

Saudisoft also provides linguistic testing checks that are made to ensure linguistic accuracy in; grammar, spelling, punctuation, etc. jkug

 4. Satisfying Needs

Translate website could achieve essentials needs for your business, it will help you expand your market globally, helping your ranking and SEO optimization to rank higher and to score a lot of keywords in many other languages. a lot of website visitors tend to read the content in English or in their own language, you will lose a lot of visitors and will increase your bounce rate if you will not translate your website.

Also if you are targeting new markets you will need website translation for your content, because English is not always the number one language in the world, in another hand to satisfy your consumer demands you should translate and localize the content to the visitor own language, this extra service will cut the risk of losing the client or the consumer and increasing your sales.

If you plan on expanding in new markets, Saudisoft can help to translate a website, videos, and help with SEO services measures that will help reach your targeted market faster. Get in touch with us today to find out more about our services. 

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