Video Game localization

Reach new markets

The gaming industry is booming and increasingly popular across all age groups in a lot of countries. Saudisoft offers localization of games and translation services by specialized gamer translators, as no one can translate specialized games content better than gamers themselves.
Localizing a game is very different than localizing any other media product, mainly because it’s an “interactive” piece of art that you need to be hearing, watching AND interacting with at the same time. All of these aspects need to be in harmony because if you’re missing one part, the flow that the player is immersed in would be broken.
To avoid that, you need a partner who is passionate about games, as well as languages and cultures. At Saudisoft, your game will go through a workflow that guarantees the best results in terms of fluidity, consistency, local feel, and of course, accuracy. Also, games localization is responsible for approaching the best norms for names, language, terminology, dialogue, to reach the best output of the game.

Games should be localized rather than translated, video game localization takes care of cultural aspects and linguistic details. Saudisoft’s localization team concentrates more on localization details that will achieve gamer satisfaction to provide the best experience of the game and to ensure that the game speaks directly to the player.

Benefits of video game localization: 

- Exposure to broader markets which will widen sales opportunity.
- Improve customer satisfaction and user experience through cultural similarity.
- Positive feedback and reviews, good player impression.
- Building a worldwide fan base for the game.
- Increase gamers’ interaction globally.



  • Familiarization

Before localizing your game, our game translators play the game to familiarize themselves with the content in order to understand the game better. We review game descriptions and content as well to get well acquainted with the game before translation.   

  • Translation

At Saudisoft, you can rely on our pool of highly skilled native game translators to make the localized version of your game relatable to the audience you’re targeting.
Your game needs to be localized by professional translators who enjoy playing games, it’s the well balanced equation that will get the work done efficiently!

  • Cultural Adaptation

 A game that is “translated” is different than a game that is “localized” in terms of fluidity and feel. After our team adapts all needed aspects in your game, it will feel native and custom made to the target player. Your players will feel that it was originally created in their own language.

  • Subtitling

Creating a different user experience requires expert subtitling engineers who would be able to convert all your content into subtitles while keeping in consideration time coding, and closed captions for the hard hearing audience.

  • Voice Over

The recording is a core aspect of the game, and your game will be getting a solid core with carefully picked professional voice over talents and artistic directors. Furthermore, you will be sure to get exactly what you ask for in terms of specs and instructions.

  • Loc Engineering (Pre + Post Production) 

Getting the work done isn’t enough, it needs to be done “efficiently”, and to do so, our team of highly proficient engineers is not only experts in tools, but also in developing them towards automation.

  • Testing 

 To ensure your game is error-free and ready to be played by the public audience, our testers will check the tiniest details with their keen eyes and gamers’ behavior in mind.

  • Finalization and QA Checks

This is the final step of a typical game localization project. In this phase, we ensure that all audio specs and structure are followed and a final quality assurance step is completed before delivery.              


Why choose Saudisoft?

At Saudisoft, we believe that every gamer deserves to experience the same feel of the original game, just as it was intended by its creators and we believe it’s our mission to create a well-planned workflow that would make it possible! Reach out to us for more information.
We’d be very happy to help localize your game, please don’t hesitate to contact us through the following form or if you have any localization questions!