The games industry is booming and increasing popular across all age groups in all the countries. Saudisoft offers the full range of multilingual localization of games and translation services by specialized gamer translators, as no one can translate specialized Games content better than the gamers themselves.


Games Localization requires a native approach and the game should deliver the best-suited terminology, names, dialogue, etc. to get the best tone out of the game.

Games should not just be translated; they should be adapted to every cultural norm. The native pool of resources and Vendor Management team at Saudisoft research each target market deeply to provide our clients with cultural advice and ensure that gamer translators infuse the game/product with the desired feel so that the game speaks directly to its players, wherever they may be.


The Saudisoft team includes expert native linguists, quality assurance dubbing specialists, professional voice talents and specialized project managers, which allows us to handle a range of diverse projects in the games industry including: Game Texts, Voice Over, Dubbing, Games Information/ Description, Website Texts, Marketing Trailers, Games Script translation

Games Localization Testing

Our clients expect the highest quality in their games not just in the text but also in terms of functionality. Saudisoft offers testing services by our specialized engineers to test different platforms and genres.

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