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Attending online courses has been proven to be a cost effective strategy and a more focused and flexible method of learning. More organizations & educational institutions are steering away from traditional learning methods and helping employees & students likewise work towards self-development. Multinationals with offices across the world find it convenient to give online courses to save time & money. It also provides equal opportunities of learning to everyone regardless of the users location. Digital content online is available at the users’ pace and addresses topics that may be limited in class room trainings.

To reach more users and ensure that all users, regardless of geography, receive the same training experience, Saudisoft can help you localize your eLearning in your users’ preferred language.  Not only can Saudisoft translate your written content, but it can help you localize videos, graphics and even assessments to adapt to the different market and cultural aspects.

Our eLearning localization process consists of:

- Content Adaptation

We recreate and adapt the content to match different market needs, cultural aspects and context to provide learners with a localized experience by using native subject matter experts. We take culturally appropriate colors, symbols and clothing into consideration.

- Translation

Content is adaptively translated by our subject matter experts.  It’s our well-balanced equation that will get the work done efficiently!

- Quality

Right after the translation process, the translated material gets proof-read, prepared and tested. Our Quality Assurance process includes checking for any linguistic or functional mistakes, and testing it using our in-house created tools.

- Multimedia

Whether you’re aiming at using voice-over or subtitling, Saudisoft is able to portray your messages clearly. Professional native voice over artists are carefully chosen to match your preferences.
If you prefer adding subtitles to the narration of your course,  we have expert subtitling engineers who are able to convert all your content into subtitles considering time-coding, and closed captions for hard-hearing audiences.

- Engineering & Layout

Our engineers integrate your translated content, audio voice over and video into the course and ensure that it functions seamlessly. We offer Desktop Publishing services for images and documents such as quizzes.Before your content goes live, our testing phase ensures that it’s error-free and ready for publishing. We work with the latest authoring tools, such as Lectora Inspire & Articulate Storyline, and support eLearning formats such as HTML 5 , Scorm, xAPI, HTML5, AICC, and cmi5, in order to publish your course directly to your Learning Management System (LMS) in just a few clicks.We can also integrate your flash course into HTML 5.Whether you are teaching people soft skills, technical skills or educational content, Saudisoft has helped many international clients translate and localize their Computer Based Training or eLearning materials into different languages. We have served clients in the many sectors including Automotive, Oil and Gas, Government, Education, Finance, Healthcare and IT.

- Authoring tool

Authoring tools are software tools that enable you to create digital content into a course structure. It could be a Microsoft Word document or a graphic design tool. Authoring tools allow you to manipulate multimedia objects for a specific purpose.

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