Language Solutions

We always try to accelerate and enhance the localization process internally and provide high-quality services for our clients externally. This is done by our developed automated solutions that help our clients increase content quality in whatever language and reach their target markets smoothly.

Machine Translation Engines
We help customers utilize their data. Our Data Engineering team developed a pre-processing tool to clean and prepare the data to be used in training machine translation engines and creating industry-specific domains. This saves time, speeds the translation process, and of course, reduces the localization cost.
Asset Management Tools – Games Domain
The Games Localization domain is known for its difficulty managing multiple assets; text, audio, distribution, …etc. To reduce operational/quality errors that usually result from assets management, we developed a customizable tool to organize and manage the files and data we work on. The tools guarantee the high quality of deliverables to our clients and meeting deadlines. Our Project Managers are no longer need to worry about giving the files to the male actor instead of the female actor!

Integration of Systems
We realized that automation is the main time and effort (thus resources) saving factor. In order to automate the management process and make it even much easier, we integrate our systems with clients' systems and CAT tools. Using Macros and developing plug-ins, our team is able to integrate our Translation Management System with our customers, which reduces Project Management Time by 25%.

The Quality Studio
Last but not least, The Quality Studio is the first QA tool to detect the errors that occur with bidirectional languages; e.g., Arabic, Hebrew, Farsi (Persian), and/or Kurdish. The neutral characters' famous issues, reversed brackets and question marks, are a few examples of the bidi issues that only TQS can detect.
Over time, our engineers (with the help of our linguists) added more features and languages to enable the detection of other common translation quality issues. In 2020, we decided to launch it for everyone in the language industry while keeping data under the users’ control. It is a user-friendly cloud-based tool, accessible anytime, anywhere.
The tool has many capabilities to ease the ongoing language quality process. Besides the capability of marking False Positives, users can also choose to keep the latest results or delete them. It also supports different file types like .SDLXLIFF, .MQXLZ, .XLIFF, and more.
You can give it a trial here for FREE.