Automating Driver's Test Case Study
Application Development, Testing, Localization and Support

The Project

Our client is the General Traffic Department; Kingdom of Saudi Arabia who had a request to automate their Driving Test processes. To accomplish the goal, the project had to go through several stages but most importantly:

- Development: To develop a touch screen program for “the theoretical traffic test” which is a mandatory test for the applicants of a driving license in KSA. 
Localization: Due to the fact that Saudi Arabia is a multinational country (14 nationalities and 10.74 million ex-pats), localizing the application to different languages was necessary. Thus, the decision was to localize it only to eleven most used languages in the kingdom. (Arabic, English, Indonesian, Turkey, Urdu, Bengali, Sinhala, French, Tagalog, Hindi, and Malayalam).


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This project required vast resources capabilities due to its specific content, requirements, and tight time-frame. These challenges include:
- Specialized and skilled resources with high capabilities due to its sensitive nature and requirements.  
- Overcome the technical challenges of localization and development activities involved in the production of 11 languages embedded in the application, including the development and localization of text, audio, video, and graphics. 
- Maintain a very high level of accuracy due to the sensitivity of the material and high-quality criteria required.
- The traffic departments in some cities in KSA are in remote areas and are difficult to reach in case of emergency or maintenance.
- Last but not least, training the team members to move from a paper-based system to the automated one!
With our experienced engineering, software, and localization team, we started the automation process of the theoretical traffic test, controlling it automatically by developing the feature of statistical information of the examinees' results (automatic scoring feature).
Also, we developed a complete, automated cycle of the computer-based tests, and conducted comprehensive test cases on the app through a team of skilled testing engineers and smart testing techniques as well as fixing the reported bugs.
Besides translation, we managed to get voice talents for all the languages the application supports and arranged for the recording facilities to have voice-over that comes optionally with the application.
Finally, we prepared a very comprehensive list of possible issues and troubleshooting guidelines based on the many tests conducted internally before the release, in order to overcome the accessibility issue of some of the cities where the app is being used. And also, we developed a mechanism to connect support centers across the Kingdom.
The Deliverables

With our experienced engineers, we could deliver the app in a tight time frame, which was five months. Delivered system components included server, administrator, printers, and kiosks; all of them are making one secured unit due to the sensitivity of the material.
During our successful business relationship and to sustain the service level, multiple releases, enhancements were delivered. 

Live the experience 
Saudisoft had paid more attention to every detail that could make the process easier for the user. With this solution, the examinee could use the app. In their own native language. The user has the option to choose a native language to start, read, and complete the test with from the languages the application support. For those who have sight issues and could not read efficiently for any reason, the VO component was of great help.
Moreover, the touch-screen in the kiosk saves the time of the user and makes it easy for them.
To close the cycle, if the examinee passed the text, automatically a certificate would be printed. If not, another test will be automatically re-scheduled.


Now the customer yields the desired results with:
- A successful multilingual  app being used by the public in KSA
- A proactive maintenance plan for cities in KSA, where remote communication is a problem is already in place
- Easy access through Desktop and web clients
- Easy tracking and management of reports 
- A Centralized Support tracking through web-based support application. 
Why Saudisoft: 
Besides Saudisoft’s capabilities in Software Development, Localization, and understanding the Saudi market/requirements, we also have distributed support centers across the kingdom that helped us to offer our clients with the necessary support.
Also, we challenged our self to deliver a high level of accuracy, and we have met the expectations successfully, thanks to our broad and deep experience in the field of application development and localization The Project.