Ramadan 2020 Online Applications Opportunities: What’s Different?

Ramadan is the month of fasting, prayers, enlightenment, kindness, forgiveness, and charity. It has a great meaning for Muslims. There are approximately 1.9 billion followers of Islam who speak many different languages.
They reside in several countries, including Afghanistan, Pakistan, Western Sahara, Iran, and more. Africa, the Middle East, and Asia include the highest number of Muslims.
The consumer behavior in Ramadan is slightly different than usual. Alongside, this year is different than ever before. Social distancing is shifting purchasing behavior. Mosques have been shut down and social distancing has made Muslims gather much less than usual for Ramadan.  However, this is not totally bad for businesses. This creates good opportunities for them. Businesses can utilize this to their benefit, offering values and services people may need specifically for this time.
In this article, we’re talking about how popular the use of online applications has become in Ramadan 2020. We offer you the personas, the habits performed more often, and the flourishing online application types used during Ramadan 2020, and how this reflects on your business.
The 6 personas during Ramadan
Your audience in Ramadan could be divided into 6 categories:

  1. The dedicated watchers: watch videos, loves games and ads, using mobile often.
  2. The devoted fasters: looking for spiritual related online guidance.
  3. The foodies: search for suhur and iftar recipes and restaurants.
  4. The groomers: care about staying healthy during Ramadan and looking good at gatherings.
  5. The travelers: plan for Eid break and travel journey online (which is not the case this year).
  6. The gifters and shoppers: looking for Eid gifts for their family and friends.
For this year, we can add:
  1. Online seekers: search for substitutional online solutions like videoconferencing tools for gatherings, VR applications for virtual experiences, etc.
  2. The makers: who create things and search “how to” instead of buying them.
The 4 Habits performed more often:
  1. Watching more TV series and Youtube videos.
  2. Learning online tutorials on how to make things their own and developing skills.
  3. Playing online games, especially that exams are postponed and people are working from home.
  4. Exploring more views about the products they are purchasing. Women more often buy beauty, skincare products, and workout tools.
The flourishing online application types during Ramadan
  1. Religious applications:
Since Ramadan is a prayer month that Muslims wait for from year to year, they pray more, read Quran, and give charity. For this, they use related applications like Ramadan’s calendar (Emsakya), prayers reminder, sayings of Prophet Muhammed (hadith), Ramadan diet, dua,
  1. Groceries applications:
Applications that provide grocery delivery from hypermarkets or supermarkets are usually used more during Ramadan, especially during social distancing.
  1. Food applications:
Whether it’s an application only for delivery like Glovo and Otlob, or specially made for a specific restaurant, it’s highly demanded. (since no dining now, so more deliveries from restaurants)
  1. Online shopping websites and applications:
Online shopping options are increasing.  With all the categories included since people are not going to physical stores. They especially buy hygienic products, beauty and skincare products, grooming products, sports and yoga tools, clothes, books, and more.
  1. Media production and television:
Families during Ramadan’s iftar gather for food. At this time particularly, they watch TV series and programs. Actually, there’s a mass of media production that people wait for in Ramadan. Thus, multimedia consumption hits the sky accordingly.
Media streaming websites or applications have a great chance to work on their marketing campaigns before Ramadan. They can get tons of users!
Live videos of Ramadan nights and concerts are also highly demanded. As people can’t go out for such activities, they enjoy their time at home.
The role of multimedia localization comes here. Some people like to watch series in their language, which is an opportunity for you as a media producer to get more views.
  1. Gaming platforms and applications:
During weekends of Ramadan, and even weekdays, people have free time to do things. Some choose to get religious and some go for a gaming round with friends and family. They use some of the widely known video game distribution platforms such as Steam, Origin, Discord, Uplay, etc.
Finding a game in your native language makes it easier to interact with. Which, if you have a localized version of your game into more than one language, that would give you the privilege of getting more players/users.
Now you already know the personas of your audience, the habits they perform, and the flourishing online solutions during Ramadan and the quarantine. Localizing your online solution is beneficial to you as for your audience. Saudisoft can help you localize your online application so you can get the most out of the trend.