5 Mistakes to Avoid While Translating or Localizing Your E-commerce Website

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"5 Mistakes to Avoid While Translating or Localizing Your E-commerce Website"

Your website is your main asset in increasing your e-commerce income. For an attractive website, it needs to have all the requirements that your customer can ever possibly demand. With the advancement in technology, more impressive tools and apps are available for your ease. Moreover, the web and app development facilities allow your users to have a good experience at your e-commerce website. Many companies can help you in establishing and creating a user-friendly e-commerce website.

​Well, translation means to translate your website’s content according to the language people need to read. Localization is the art of translating the profile, content, and graphics of your website according to the language of your customer’s country. Therefore, it helps people from all around the world to know what products and services you provide. They come to know about your website more effectively.

While localizing and translating the e-commerce website, there are certain mistakes that web developers or managers often do. Take a look at these 6 mistakes listed below that need to be improved while translating and localizing your e-commerce website.

It might seem fair to use any translator for your website. However, this is not always right. Using simple plugins can ruin your e-commerce website. It can even result in a lack of audience towards your site. With the right plugins and the right type of translators, you can save yourself from a mess. Moreover, the online translators might not provide the correct translation to each word of your context. Sometimes, the online translators may alter the sentence structure, damage the grammar, or even misspell some words. Therefore, you need to look for a suitable translator for your website.
Another mistake that most of the people do is that they don’t use a native translator for their website. Most of the translators available online do not contain the correct words. Therefore, look for a translator that is native to the people of a certain country. For example, if you are looking for a Chinese translator, make sure that you use a translator that is popular among Chinese people.
Localizing the content is as important as translating it for the audience. You must localize your e-commerce website in a language that people want. Although it is a comprehensive task, it requires some effort and dedication to pull off in the end. With localizing your website, you’ll be able to provide a user-friendly experience to your audience all across the globe. Consequently, it enables to create a website that can meet the cultural and social standards of a particular region. 

Saudisoft always makes sure of not only translating the content, saudisoft team always studies the targeted market that will surf the content. in order to localize the content to increase user experience which is one of the most google ranking factors now after the latest E-A-T update. 

When you use a translator, it might indicate when the website layout will be disrupted. This is a major drawback while translating and localizing your website. Therefore, to ensure that your website keeps the same layout, try using different translators. Make sure that you optimize your website’s layout along with the content and graphics. Many web and app development companies provide services in this regard. 

Let's take amazon as an example. Amazon has failed in china. For the first time amazon fail to concur a market. Of course, there are other aspects that affected the failure but one of the most important factors is the design of the website, it maintains the amazon brand shape but it didn't work to achieve the good user experience in china. Chinese people tend to see more clutter, a lot of Chinese websites tend not to have a free space

if we took a look at Alibaba the alternative of Amazon in China, we will see the big difference in design and layout

​Now you can see the difference, Alibaba has a lot of products, ads, colors on just the home page. Chinese people tend to like more a design like Alibaba rather than amazon.

You have translated your website into a certain language. You have successfully localized the layout, graphics, texts, and products as well. What if any customer wants to talk to you in regard to some of the products or services you offer? Would you be able to understand what they are trying to say without knowing their language? To overcome this difficult situation, make sure that you have localized your customer service and help the care center as well. This will show your positive attitude towards your customers.
One of the biggest mistakes that website owners do is that they never update the translations on their website. The world is growing every single day. So is the literature in every country. To keep your website in pace with others, make sure that you regularly monitor and update the translations on your e-commerce website. If you ignore updating the translations, your site will have inconsistent information in different languages.

Avoiding such mistakes will allow you to have an interesting website for your customers. This will eventually generate more income in return. However, always update your site to meet the changing standards of the market. Putting a little effort can do wonders for your e-commerce website. Capturing the attention of a massive population is essential for your online business. Offering services and products in different languages will help gather more customers. Therefore, make sure that you avoid such mistakes in the future to make your e-commerce website flourish.