Website Translation Best Practices

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"Website localization best practices"

Website translation services market has been changing everywhere throughout the world with colossal development potential as far as income age and we have been seeing incredible development in the website translation market and this development is relied upon to be enormous by 2026. The development of the market is driven by key factors, for example, fabricating action as per the current market circumstance and request, dangers of the market, acquisitions, new patterns, appraisal of the new advances, and their usage.

Websites are getting more complex and the translation of the text-only is not enough because localizing your company’s website is much more than translating text.
When the process of translating a website there are some other elements you should take notice of for example:
•    Meta titles and descriptions
•    Photos with text
•    Multilingual SEO
•    Digital resources such as videos
•    HTML elements
All of these elements must be examined when performing website translation to avoid ending up with a website that is incomprehensible to your target visitors.
If you are thinking about translating your website, you may want to consider those points when preparing your upcoming website localization project.

What is Website Localization?

L10N or Website Localization definition is the process of adapting a website for a globalization process when your website is targeting a specific international region then website localization services is your best option, which includes translating the content, resizing dialog boxes, customizing features, and testing results to make sure that the website is serving the right language to the right audience. Localization also involves the process of adapting an internationalized website for a specific language or region by adding locale-specific components. As an example, localization for Brazilian Portuguese as a target language would be different than for European Portuguese.

Website Translation practices

Switching Languages

It is critical that you make research and analyze which languages fit your target visitors, so you can tactically reach them. switching languages is very important for effective user experience, using the ahref lang tag will taker care of targeting the users to the right language version, but also switching language should be easy and simple to the user. Also make sure that the design outline of the header, footer, and icons is the same as the original page. 


If you want to get organic traffic for your newly localized website then you need to optimize your website for local search engines and the first step to do so is to execute keyword research for every region and language independently. 
The keywords used for on-site optimization must be focused on words that the clients are using to seek products and services within a given location, instead of literal translations of words in the source language.

Style instructions

Making a style guide will help you through the process of translating a website because various languages usually need different fonts and styles.

Regional customer support

Companies usually fail to consider customer support as an aspect of their website localization approach, frequently with tragic outcomes. When clients demand details about products and services
In these circumstances, it is very crucial that those clients can communicate with a native speaker of the regional language.

Localization testing

Before the website translation process, you should test the functionality of a localized website before launching to avoid common problems like an unfitting test in the menus, the appropriate structure of dates and times, and suitable use of the language in context.


It is essential that you keep your brand's look and feel the same when localizing, so before you go through the process of localization specify your standards for colors, logos, history etc.


Your website's multimedia is just as significant as your website's content and the multimedia translation may need you to create a localized subtitle or do a voice-over recording, and images.

It is recommended that you split images into layers to make their translation easier. 

Time Zone 

One of the major challenges to developers, there are 40 time zones. Keep tracking the right time zone is important for blog posting, sending mails and communication with clients. 

Contact Information

Make sure to check your company's contact information are available and suited for each localized version of your website.
We wish these key points will help you coordinate, apply, and efficiently handle your next website localization project. 
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Translate Website could achieve essentials needs for your business, it will help you expand your market globally, helping your ranking and SEO optimization to rank higher and to score a lot of keywords in many other languages. a lot of website visitors tend to read the content in English or in their own language, you will lose a lot of visitors and will increase your bounce rate if you will not translate your website.

Also if you are targeting new markets you will need website translation for your content, because English is not always the number one language in the world, in another hand to satisfy your consumer demands you should translate and localize the content to the visitor own language, this extra service will cut the risk of losing the client or the consumer and increasing your sales.

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