In the fast growing market, more and more companies turned from written interaction/ communication into video and multimedia in order to easily engage with people in an attractive way.

As Saudisoft is following the trend and listening to the market needs, we have dedicated Multimedia Localization team, which is able to deliver diversified Multimedia projects to different clients, ranging from commercial, entertainment (Games, Movies, …etc.), e-Learning and business.

Voice Over

Saudisoft provides a high quality Audio recording/Voice over services. We have strong partnerships with reliable studios across the globe enabling us to break the language barriers through a pool of genuine voiceover talents and audio professionals. One of the major voice over projects we delivered covered 15 languages including Arabic, Turkish, Indonesian, ….etc.


We provide an end to end audio and video recording solutions not only VO. Starting from casting, recording/dubbing, audio/ video post-production, native language testing to the delivery.

Transcription and Subtitling

As part of our understanding of the importance of multimedia to reach wider audience, we offer Transcription, Subtitling and Audio Translation dialogue.

Saudisoft not only understands how this service is crucial for the market and can determine the success of the video output but also this service requires a professional company which can accurately produce high level dialogue content for the video and properly convey the message.